No Way Out

No Way OutEbook available from all the usual suspects in the sidebar. Print book available from Amazon, too.

Frank Ross likes to spend the winter down on the Baja. Come spring, he heads north to start the bike rally circuit looking for work. When his ride breaks down 70 miles north of the Mexican border, he’s forced to take refuge in a Salton Sea ghost town. A friendly resident introduces Frank to some welcome home cooking and a place to stay. It quickly turns into old-fashioned loving.

When Kailey, his hostess, takes exception to Frank’s discovery of five keys of cartel coca stashed in her bedroom closet, she aims a loaded gun at his pack and pulls back the hammer. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Frank knows he has to hit the road, fast.

No fool to the vagaries of women, Frank hits the road with Tammi, a reformed pole dancer, riding bitch on the back of his ride. They’re headed for El Lay and the strip club circuit. Frank doesn’t know it, but he’s hell-bound for more trouble.

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