Helping Santa

Retired detective Jim Nash and Good Girl Zelda get caught up in the Christmas spirit when his girlfriend talks him into doing a stint as a mall Santa on the day before Christmas. All goes well, even without any eggnog, until Santa’s old instincts kick in during a bank robbery. Jim and his faithful companion Zelda follow the robbers to the mall’s roof, where he learns the story of why the trio of thieves picked this particular bank. Christmas spirit is eventually restored and both Jim and Santa, followed by Zelda, return home to a crackling fire and news that will forever change every Christmas in his future.

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All The Glitter

Maddie Spence is left to her own devices after her partner in business and romance has left her in the lurch with nary so much as an explanation or a phone call to alleviate her worries. With Jim Nash MIA, she takes on a case involving a strip club and credit card scammers. Thanks to her pole dancing class experience, she agrees to go undercover with almost no cover.

Maddie asks a friend to go along as backup by pretending to be a cocktail waitress. The scam-fighting duo are nearly completely uncovered when the backup plan goes awry and her friend is kidnapped.

Good and faithful dog Friday is put on ice at a friend’s place, where he is subjected to so many tea parties that he can’t wait to get home. Even though he enjoys the company of the little girl who wants to make him her constant companion, he misses Maddie. He misses Jim, too, but he can’t do anything about that.

Forget Me Not

Good boy Friday
Good boy Friday to the rescue

Emma Mayberry is fulfilling her dream of becoming a paramedic at a college on the Florida Panhandle. She’s a long way from her home town of Escape, but she’s coping and even has a part-time job and a boyfriend. At least, she does, until she goes missing.

Fiona Lubinski is out of prison and looking for trouble. When she crosses the path of someone working in a coffee shop who looks familiar, it doesn’t take her long to put two and two together and remember Emma. How could she not? Emma was the one who drove a giant snow clearing machine into the back of her car in Escape, scattering money, dreams, and hope for a new life in the bright lights and big city.

Will Emma’s own dreams of a lifetime be shattered by her relationship with her boyfriend? Has she merely disappeared on an extended long weekend to spend time with him? Or have they gone missing and run off to be married?

Jim Nash and Maddie Spence will get involved thanks to Boots Mayberry, Emma’s father. He has lost touch with his daughter and is compelled to make for the panhandle to track her down, where, overwhelmed and out of his element, he is forced to ask for help from Jim and Maddie.


Jim Nash, his business partner Maddie Stone, and faithful good boy Friday are called into service to find a missing wife. When Holly, the missing woman’s curly-haired daughter spies furry Fwiday, fun and games ensue. Friday’s patience with the little girl will be put to the test. Maddie is dispatched to a stakeout with disastrous results. Jim and Friday are forced to go on the hunt for those who put Maddie in danger and kidnap little Holly.

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Wedding Bell Blues

Jim Nash has no plans to attend the wedding of former best friend Warren to Allie Sands, a girlfriend from his past. All that goes out the window when his current partner, Maddie Stone, sees the emails and convinces him otherwise. With the decision made for both of them, Jim and Maddie are waylaid in a small town on the way to the wedding for reasons unknown. Faithful dog Friday is dispatched to come to the rescue of the pair. On arrival at the marina, Jim is determined to discover what’s going on when the Feds make it plain they’re playing for keeps. Convinced that the Feds are up to no good, Jim takes matters into his own hands with the help of three dogs, three women, and the two men who refuse to see the writing on the wall. Dogs, kids, and ice cream all play a part in this Jim Nash short story.

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Jim Nash takes his crew on a well-deserved vacation and ends up knee-deep in trouble when, trapped in a blizzard, he is forced to delay their trip to a ski lodge in the Colorado mountains. When the Interstate is closed, another couple is waylaid in the small town in what at first glance appears to be a bullet-riddled car. Are they two troubled young people on the wrong side of the law, or only confused wayfarers railroaded into doing someone else’s dirty work? Jim, Maddie and faithful dog Friday are drawn deeper into the mystery as a blizzard rages on. Available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Smashwords.

Revenge Is Justice

Jim Nash has been chasing the ghosts in his life for far too long. His business partner has deserted him and he doesn’t know if she’s coming back. His most recent receptionist and her dog, Friday, keeps handing him verbal abuse. The requested HR meeting never happens. And to top it off, he still hasn’t learned who orchestrated the death of both his wives. He can handle the missing partner. He can even handle the good-natured verbal abuse his receptionist dishes. What he can’t handle is the runaround he’s getting from someone who knows what happened to his wives and who should be taking the blame for their deaths.

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The Snap-Brim Fedora Caper

Private Investigator Jim Nash is the lucky recipient of an anniversary gift courtesy of his business partner Maddie Stone. All is not as it seems when he dons the gift and falls asleep while wearing it.

A mysterious woman searching for her husband. A man who doesn’t want to be found. Blackmail. Dirty pictures. All this and more as Nash goes into exhausting, sleepy overtime together with his partner’s faithful dog, Friday, to prevent the kidnapping of a little girl.

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