What I’m working on

Most recently, I’ve been converting my ebooks to Print On Demand, available at Amazon and Ingram Spark. Refer to the sidebar to find out the volumes that are available


I’m still in the process of spinning off a character that came to life in Mexico Time (available in ebook or print). If you recall in that book, Jim headed down the Mexican Baja to retrieve something he left behind years ago. He engaged the help of an old friend and a young girl who supplied him with a go-fast boat to cruise into Cabo San Lucas. That girl, Luz, helped Jim out in more ways that one when she helped him escape from cartel bad guys gunning for him on the Cabo wharf.

Luz, the girl that lent her assistance, will shortly be starring in her own adventure series. Initially, she was a minor character in a short story I though I might title “The Night Owl”, but that short story has ballooned to 28,000 words and it’s growing fast. Luz has turned into a major character intent on her own revenge.

Here’s a blurb for the series that I’m calling LUZ: el Lobo.

She’s a stone-cold killer out to avenge the deaths of her entire family at the hands of Mexican drug cartels. As long as she’s alive, nothing will stop her. Do or die. That was the promise she made to each as she watched them die. Now Luz is over her grief, and she’s out for revenge the only way she knows how.

While it might appear as though nothing has been going on in my writing life, I’ve been busily racking up the words. I’ve been adding to the popular Jim Nash private detective series with a vengeance. Here’s a link to the read order for the Jim Nash adventure series.

I’ve also set up a page for my short story collections. You can check it out here.

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