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TwistedSisters96dpi195x960bw.jpgWonder no more.

Twisted Sisters 3 – Marina Mystery consists of the backstory on how Jim Nash and Allie Sands hooked up. I had a number of queries regarding how the two met. Within Twisted Sisters 3 lies the answer. I don’t feel that it’s out of place coming third in the Twisted Sisters series. My read suggestion is that it be number three, but of course you can read it first if you choose.

Bad Girls on the right side of the tracks

Frank’s phone rarely rings when he’s on the road. When it does, he usually lets whoever is on the other end go to voice mail. This time it’s different, and after hanging up, he forces himself to ride three hundred miles out of his way in the dark of night to get to a woman asking for his help. After a walk through a truck stop populated by lot lizards and their customers, Frank learns the truth about the lost soul he is helping to locate.

Short story. 7,300 words.

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Pirate Cay

Retired Detective Jim Nash is headed for a long-awaited vacation in the Florida Keys when he checks his messages and discovers that Allie, an old flame, needs his help. After a brief consult with Zelda, the new woman in his life, Jim heads west to Panama Cay where he becomes embroiled in the rough seas and rocky shores of drugs, guns and money. Third in the Twisted Sisters series.

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Bank Robber Dames short stories

BankRobberDames72dpi200x300Bank Robber Dames is available at iBookstore, Kobo and

Updated and re-issued, this collection of short stories hits all the high spots-or the low spots, depending on one’s point of view. There’s a visit to a strip club off the 15 in Montana; an encounter with a hitch-hiker on the 10 in New Mexico; romancing a truck-driving sweetheart in a sleeper at a California truck stop; a smile from a reformed addict in North Dakota.

Bank Robber Dames [NOOK Book]

Twisted Sisters – A modern pulp short story

Twisted SistersTwisted Sisters is available at iBookstore, Kobo and

Detective Jim Nash has a problem. He has a murder victim in an alley and a dead woman in his bed. His own homicide division wants to charge him with murder. To say he’s got serious commitment problems would be an understatement. He’s on the lookout for twins, but he doesn’t want to date them. He wants to know who murdered them. A modern pulp short story.

Twisted Sisters - P X  Duke    Twisted Sisters [NOOK Book]

Payback is now available

Payback is a bitch

Payback is available at iBookstore, Kobo and

Harry must put his life on hold and return to the Dark Continent one last time to discover why a women he thought was long dead is still alive and begging for his help.

Payback- P X  Duke    Payback [NOOK Book]

Harry’s comfortable family life is turned upside down when he gets a phone call from a former comrade he thought long dead. When the second call comes in an hour later, the caller asks for his help. He knows his life will never be the same until he can learn what happened to the woman who launched a rescue mission to save his life after his plane was destroyed during a firefight on a bush landing strip in East Africa. Third short novel in a series following Dead Reckoning and Long Way Home, in that order.

Dreams Die Hard available at iBookstore and Kobo

Dreams Die HardDreams Die Hard is available at iBookstore, Kobo and

Dreams Die Hard - P X  Duke     Dreams Die Hard [NOOK Book]

Frank Ross is heading for the anonymity of the bright lights and big city in an attempt to make good his escape from a cartel hit squad. He’s got a reformed junkie riding bitch on the back of his motorcycle that someone tries to kill with a Molotov cocktail–and Frank doesn’t even drink. When he ends up working at a strip club, the seedy edge of the city finally catches up, forcing Frank to dig deep within to triumph over drugs, greed, arson and murder.