Last Stop to Nowhere

In Last Stop to Nowhere, Jim Nash is back, and this time he’s bent on revenge for his murdered wife. With a drowned hitch-hiker in tow who manages to convince him that he should drop everything and help her find her missing brother, Jim is drawn into the woman’s world of crooked friends, South American sicarios, and her innocent parents. Before he can say no, he finds her in his bed, in his life, and in no mood for him to say no as she draws him deeper into her world on the quest for her missing brother.

Novel: 240 pages

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Just in time for Christmas

Retired detective Jim Nash gets caught up in the Christmas spirit when his girlfriend talks him into doing a stint as a mall Santa on the day before Christmas. All goes well, even without any eggnog, until Santa’s old instincts kick in during a bank robbery. Jim and his faithful companion Zelda follow the robbers to the mall’s roof, where he learns the story of why the trio of thieves picked this particular bank. Christmas spirit is eventually restored and both Jim and Santa, followed by Zelda, return home to a crackling fire and news that will forever change every Christmas in his future.

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Just in time for Halloween

NOTE: Halloween is over. This short read has been removed until next year.amazonsmashwords-72dpi200x300

Here’s one of Jim Nash’s favorite Halloween short reads. Don’t be put off by the scary-looking image. It’s suitable to read to the little ones over a couple of nights as Halloween approaches.

On All Hallows’ Eve, Lily hears an old ghost story about Captain Kidd and his merry band of buccaneers burying booty on Pirate Cay. With childish steadfastness, she is determined to go treasure hunting with the gang when she becomes convinced she has discovered a long-lost treasure while trick or treating with Zelda, her faithful dog, on Halloween.

Startup Blues – Jim Nash #14

Startup Blues

Startup Blues

Startup Blues, the 14th short in the Jim Nash series, is up at all of the usual places in the sidebar.

Startup Blues, Jim Nash #14

Being elected to the position of chief of police isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be when Jim has competent help to assist him. Bored with desk duty, Jim takes a short leave to use his P.I. license to help two sisters in their time of need. Persons unknown are harassing and threatening their high-tech startup business. To find out who, his quest leads him to gator country in the Florida Everglades, where he must separate business from the more than pleasurable sisters he is intent on protecting.

Dog Days, Jim Nash #13, is also available

Jim Nash is as content as he’s ever been—that is, until he manages to get himself arrested thanks to the new girl that has come into his life. While being held on trumped-up charges of murder, all the women in his life come together to post bond. With the local PD’s enthusiasm to pin the crime on him, he is forced into honoring payback in a form he will find very familiar.

No Harbor, Jim Nash #12, went live on the weekend

No Harbor, Jim Nash Adventure #12

No Harbor, Jim Nash #12

No Harbor should now be available at all of the usual suspects listed in the sidebar.

No Harbor, Jim Nash #12

Jim Nash is well on his way to a complete recovery from events in his past life. He’s in his second marriage and very happy. His job at the resort complex is secure. Then a blast from his past re-emerges and threatens to throw a wrench into his plans for the future. Will his bond with the new woman in his life be endangered? Tempted by old and familiar love into leaving the only safe harbor he has known, Jim is forced into making choices that could forever affect the new life he has chosen for himself.

Is anyone wondering where I’ve been?

Dead EndI’ve been busy writing-roughly 250,000 words a year. Some of my output is visible in the sidebar. It’s all accessible from the sidebar at the usual haunts: Amazon, B&N, Google Play, Smashwords, and the iBookstore.

I’ve also been putting together three Collections. More will be coming. Read about them here.

The covers on the Jim Nash Adventures series have been updated. I’m up to #11, Dead End.

Read order of Twisted Sisters

Marina MysteryWonder no more.

Twisted Sisters 3 – Marina Mystery consists of the backstory on how Jim Nash and Allie Sands hooked up. I had a number of queries regarding how the two met. Within Twisted Sisters 3 lies the answer. I don’t feel that it’s out of place coming third in the Twisted Sisters series. My read suggestion is that it be number three, but of course you can read it first if you choose.

Bad Girls on the right side of the tracks

Bad GirlsFrank’s phone rarely rings when he’s on the road. When it does, he usually lets whoever is on the other end go to voice mail. This time it’s different, and after hanging up, he forces himself to ride three hundred miles out of his way in the dark of night to get to a woman asking for his help. After a walk through a truck stop populated by lot lizards and their customers, Frank learns the truth about the lost soul he is helping to locate.

Short story. 7,300 words.

Available electronically at the usual outlets on the side of the page or at the bottom.