Mexico Time

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Jim Nash is off the reservation, in more ways than one. His partner doesn’t know where he is, and for good reason. If she found out, she’d kill him if she got the chance, and he isn’t about to give her that chance—yet.

The plan was to make a quick trip down the Baja, retrieve something stored away for a future life, and return. To improve his odds, he picked up an armored van and a go-fast panga. An underage teen-age stowaway isn’t improving his outlook. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and looking out for her is challenging his patience. He has a plan to bring her into line, though, and it includes a one-way plane ticket.

Will any of Jim’s plans come to fruition? He doesn’t know, because unseen problems are on the horizon and will soon be demanding all of his attention. And he still has to get himself a thousand miles north to safety and another thousand to home. The quick trip is taking a lot longer than he thought it would.

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