Forget Me Not

Good boy Friday
Good boy Friday to the rescue

Emma Mayberry is fulfilling her dream of becoming a paramedic at a college on the Florida Panhandle. She’s a long way from her home town of Escape, but she’s coping and even has a part-time job and a boyfriend. At least, she does, until she goes missing.

Fiona Lubinski is out of prison and looking for trouble. When she crosses the path of someone working in a coffee shop who looks familiar, it doesn’t take her long to put two and two together and remember Emma. How could she not? Emma was the one who drove a giant snow clearing machine into the back of her car in Escape, scattering money, dreams, and hope for a new life in the bright lights and big city.

Will Emma’s own dreams of a lifetime be shattered by her relationship with her boyfriend? Has she merely disappeared on an extended long weekend to spend time with him? Or have they gone missing and run off to be married?

Jim Nash and Maddie Spence will get involved thanks to Boots Mayberry, Emma’s father. He has lost touch with his daughter and is compelled to make for the panhandle to track her down, where, overwhelmed and out of his element, he is forced to ask for help from Jim and Maddie.

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