All The Glitter

Maddie Spence is left to her own devices after her partner in business and romance has left her in the lurch with nary so much as an explanation or a phone call to alleviate her worries. With Jim Nash MIA, she takes on a case involving a strip club and credit card scammers. Thanks to her pole dancing class experience, she agrees to go undercover with almost no cover.

Maddie asks a friend to go along as backup by pretending to be a cocktail waitress. The scam-fighting duo are nearly completely uncovered when the backup plan goes awry and her friend is kidnapped.

Good and faithful dog Friday is put on ice at a friend’s place, where he is subjected to so many tea parties that he can’t wait to get home. Even though he enjoys the company of the little girl who wants to make him her constant companion, he misses Maddie. He misses Jim, too, but he can’t do anything about that.

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