Mexico Time

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Jim Nash is off the reservation, in more ways than one. His partner doesn’t know where he is, and for good reason. If she found out, she’d kill him if she got the chance, and he isn’t about to give her that chance—yet.

The plan was to make a quick trip down the Baja, retrieve something stored away for a future life, and return. To improve his odds, he picked up an armored van and a go-fast panga. An underage teen-age stowaway isn’t improving his outlook. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and looking out for her is challenging his patience. He has a plan to bring her into line, though, and it includes a one-way plane ticket.

Will any of Jim’s plans come to fruition? He doesn’t know, because unseen problems are on the horizon and will soon be demanding all of his attention. And he still has to get himself a thousand miles north to safety and another thousand to home. The quick trip is taking a lot longer than he thought it would.


Jim Nash, his business partner Maddie Stone, and faithful good boy Friday are called into service to find a missing wife. When Holly, the missing woman’s curly-haired daughter spies furry Fwiday, fun and games ensue. Friday’s patience with the little girl will be put to the test. Maddie is dispatched to a stakeout with disastrous results. Jim and Friday are forced to go on the hunt for those who put Maddie in danger and kidnap little Holly.

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Wedding Bell Blues

Jim Nash has no plans to attend the wedding of former best friend Warren to Allie Sands, a girlfriend from his past. All that goes out the window when his current partner, Maddie Stone, sees the emails and convinces him otherwise. With the decision made for both of them, Jim and Maddie are waylaid in a small town on the way to the wedding for reasons unknown. Faithful dog Friday is dispatched to come to the rescue of the pair. On arrival at the marina, Jim is determined to discover what’s going on when the Feds make it plain they’re playing for keeps. Convinced that the Feds are up to no good, Jim takes matters into his own hands with the help of three dogs, three women, and the two men who refuse to see the writing on the wall. Dogs, kids, and ice cream all play a part in this Jim Nash short story.

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The Snap-Brim Fedora Caper

Private Investigator Jim Nash is the lucky recipient of an anniversary gift courtesy of his business partner Maddie Stone. All is not as it seems when he dons the gift and falls asleep while wearing it.

A mysterious woman searching for her husband. A man who doesn’t want to be found. Blackmail. Dirty pictures. All this and more as Nash goes into exhausting, sleepy overtime together with his partner’s faithful dog, Friday, to prevent the kidnapping of a little girl.

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Long Way Home

I’m currently at work on a sequel to Dead Reckoning. Long Way Home hooks up with Harry, Sasha, Mike and Barbara ten years after their Baja escapades. They’ve all moved on with their lives, but an incident occurs that draws them into a final skirmish far away in Africa.

If you love them, let them go…

When Harry’s ex-wife, Sasha, and their daughter accompany her oil-company boyfriend on a working vacation to Africa, the trio goes missing. They manage to get out a call for help that will lead Harry on an air and ground chase across the Horn of Africa to rescue his family before kidnappers can move them to their den on the Indian Ocean.

Odds and ends

Dead Reckoning is up to its third draft. I have a completely new cover to add whenever I manage to get it completed and uploaded to Smashwords.

Dreams Die Hard is at 20,000 words. Yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s riding season. So leave an admonishing comment. I’m doing this for fun, not fame and fortune.

Dreams Never Die is still on the radar.  I’m fleshing out the beat sheet. The beginning, mid-point and end is done. I’m working on filling the rest of it in, but it’s summer out here in hill-billy heaven. I won’t be making a serious attempt at writing it until sometime in the fall when riding season is over.

I may have to ride down to the Keys to do some research for this one. My fading memory is even worse when I try to take it back to the ’80s. I’ve not been down that way since then, so that should be a treat. By now, traffic on that two-lane causeway is probably a real bear.

On one of my forays through Miami I recall hitting the south end around midnight. I was too tired to go any farther, so I checked into the first motel I saw. It seemed like the thing to do at the time, but I was kept up most of the night by the girls parading up and down the street under my ground-floor window, clickity-clack, clickity-clack, back and forth until the wee hours. And those Cuban girls were LOUD in those shoes. I think they used that walking sound as a form of advertisement. Not for me, though.

Come light of morning, it was obvious what the motel was used for, but at midnight after a day-long ride from dawn, I never noticed.

I wonder if the old, good-time chickee bars are still there – like anything ever stays the same, right? The girls I used to know are probably grandmothers by now. It’s long past time for a whole new adventure in the Keys.

Dead Reckoning has a first draft

I now have a workable first draft of Dead Reckoning at 28,000 words. YaY! Let the cutting begin.


I haven’t been taking time off though. I’ve been working on a sequel to Dreams Die Fast. So far, Dreams Die Hard is at the 15,000 word mark, which, given my intent to keep most of the stories I write at the 20 to 30 thousand word mark, is about half of the way completed to pre-draft form.

Dreams Die Hard picks up where its predecessor leaves off. Frank and Tammi have hit the road and are on their way north into El Lay in an attempt to disappear into the bright lights and big city. On the way, someone offers them a Molotov cocktail – and Frank doesn’t even drink. Person or persons unknown are making a desperate attempt to put fear into someone, unbeknownst to Frank, who was up to their eyeballs in the dealings that went on back in Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea. Somehow, I don’t think Frank is going to find what he’s looking for in El Lay.

Thus, part three of the trilogy, Dreams Never Die is in beat sheet form. Frank just might have to move on yet again. Will he ever find that special someone who wants to become a part of his life? Will he ever get off the never-ending road? Only time will tell.

Dead Reckoning loglines

Beach blanket bingo with guns

During Harry’s R&R on mainland Mexico, he picks up something that doesn’t belong to him that forces him to cross the Sea of Cortez. While hiding out on an isolated Baja beach, two gringas show up unexpectedly, leading him on a wild chase to rescue his friend from people who want to recover stolen goods.